Yaoming Hao, MFA ’11


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Name: Yaoming Hao

Graduation: 2011

Program: MFA

My project is called MEMOIR OF RED CLIFF. In this project I mapped my memories of playing an online game called “Red Cliff”. It’s an interactive tool that mapping my memory of playing this game following the timeline. The tool used the vine as the metaphor. It includes various related events and people to me when playing the game.

During the six weeks of this project, I used to struggle with how to visualize the connection between virtual experience and reality. And also, I have tried different metaphor and paper prototype. Finally, I chose the spine of vine. I used the organ of this plant to represent different categories of important events and friends. In my concept, the vine will grow up based on the timeline, so that users can view my experience dynamically; also. User can interact with this tool in 3D view; users can also check the connection between virtual friends and friends in real life. In the final demo video, I showed that I hope I can map other memories or experience by using this vine tool or system.

Keywords: Online Game, Red Cliff, communication, data visualization, experience, interactive tools, interface, mapping