Tania Ostorga, MFA ’11


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Name: Tania Ostorga

Graduation: 2011

Program: MFA

Objective of the project
:: Understand where my place in this world was at that moment.
:: Collected data about where I was standing.
:: Organized the data into a system.
:: Create a system that allow users to access the data.

Approach to the problem
Create a system (application) that allows me to access my database of songs (playlist) without
having to remember the name of the songs of artist.
THE CONNECTION – By accessing my playlist using personal conversations, I will be able to
create a bridge between my loved ones and myself. Music and words will be the vehicle that will
allow me to mentally travel between Boston, MA San Antonio,TX and San Salvador, ES.

Before start using the application
:: Create a database with transcripts of the conversations.
:: Separate the songs by good and bad connotation. The user will have to select the songs based
on it’s own feelings and experience.
:: Will go through the database and select the repeated words. These words will be arranged by
the number of times they appear within each conversations.

Keywords: Location, communication, data visualization, interface, systems, typography