Yael Alkalay, MFA ’13


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Name: Yael Alkalay

Graduation: 2013

Program: MFA

The “vicious GPS” is a navigation app which guides the user to go around in circles, in a loop – where “The End is Where We Start From”. This GPS is “infallible” device that always fails. It is misleading, deceptive, evil, and personal. During the journey the application reveals its evilness and persona. The user gives himself mentally and physically to the machine while it fails to deliver its innate purpose.

My video concept project shows the user narrative scenario, in which the user follow the GPS directions in the American supermarket, looking after honey. The first and last frames are the same. The GPS misleads the user and instead of getting him to his destination, the user gets lost and returns to the starting point. I have chosen the American supermarket as a symbol and as part of my own experience as an outsider who sometimes gets lost in this fast-paced new culture.

In this humorous, imaginary user narrative scenario, I wish to raise the awareness of the social aspects of human computer interaction. From the user’s point of view, I identify with the clueless user who follows the directions of the evil GPS. As a user, I believe we shouldn’t forget ourselves in the use of digital technology, and we should remain aware of our own consciousness?.? As an interactive designer, I believe we have a great responsibility of creating positive and constructive services which shape human lives for the better.

Keywords: GPS, connection, culture, environment, interface, metaphor, narrative