Martha Rettig, MFA ’13

thesis abstract

Name: Martha Rettig, Associate Professor of Design in Communication Design

Thesis cover

We are in a moment of transition; our culture is moving from physical real-world interactions to digital. the interfaces we interact with on a daily basis, for work, entertainment, and connection, should reflect our relationship to the real world and be engaging, immersive, and emotive.

I am interested in how designers create engaging experiences. what evokes empathy in a user? how can we connect with our users on a more personal level? why do we want these experiences?

In response to these questions, i will explore and create engaging experiences by building interfaces that draw on our physical experiences. My goal is to find new ways to connect with users through emotion, simplicity, the five senses, memory, personality, play, and conventions.

Download “The Elements of Engaging Experiences” (PDF, 23 MB).