MFA ’25

Why did you choose to enroll in DMI?

After five years of working in digital content creation and marketing, I wanted to advance my skills in design, specifically interactive design. What made the Dynamic Media Institute stand out from other MFA graduate programs was their interdisciplinary — some would say antidisciplinary — approach to human-centered design. The program also offered an opportunity to approach design through experiential learning with prototyping.

Short Bio

I enjoy approaching real world problems and attempting to solve them through art, design, and communication, even though I know there may never be a single, clear answer. During my time at DMI, I’m interested in seeing how my B.A. in Japanese Language and Comparative Literature combined with my graduate research into extended and mixed reality can help me synthesize data and concepts in new and exciting ways. By approaching design as a translator, can I create designs that challenge our limitations to connect with others?

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