MFA ’24

Why did you choose to enroll in DMI?

I chose to attend DMI for three main reasons: firstly, I am and have always been an avid reader, cinephile, art admirer, and maker; second because I found myself constantly examining technological developments and their history and potential future. Finally, I joined DMI because have a background in Linguistics (Anthropology, communication) and wanted to become an Industrial Designer - a design program seemed like the correct next step in that direction.

Short Bio

Design Interests
Industrial Design
Product Design
Human Factors
Medical Devices
Design Innovation
Ethics and Morality
History and Anthropology
Craft, over all (sewing and the like, woodworking, metalworking, glassworking, etc)

General Interests
Dance (all genres)
Physics, Anatomy, Kinesiology
Food, Nutrition, Cooking, and baking
Biology, farming, and ecology
Linguistics, Languages and Cultures
Performing Arts (general)
Brain, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science

I am a Mexican-Argentine-American Renaissance polyglot that is interested in all things human and how we fit into our physical and sociological world; as a result, my interests and hobbies span the depth and breadth of the human existence. Within the context of design, I would like to explore and codify the language/ concept of truly sustainable product design and development that is in harmony with continued technological evolution.

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