MFA ’25

Why did you choose to enroll in DMI?

I joined the Dynamic Media Institute to transcend learning boundaries, immersed in a community dedicated to creativity and technology. Anticipating technical expertise, I value a mindset embracing experimentation. In this dynamic realm, each pixel tells a story, and every frame is an expansive canvas. Positioned at the intersection of creativity and technology, my insatiable curiosity propels me. This institute, more than a stepping stone, is a launchpad for my aspirations for the future.

Short Bio

Originating from the lively city of Lahore, Pakistan, I am more than a visual communication designer; I am a passionate storyteller within the realms of print and advertising domains. Equipped with a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the esteemed National College of Arts in Lahore, and currently pursuing my MFA in Dynamic Media from MassArt in Boston, I embark on an imaginative journey, shaping the future of graphic design and media with a vibrant palette of creativity and innovation.

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