Amy Holway Jorgensen

MFA ’15

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Why did you choose to enroll in DMI?

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A human lifetime is a lengthy compilation of trillions of present moments. Our ability to experience this very moment depends in part on what is happening outwardly but mostly on what is happening inwardly, in our unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is a tiny raindrop relative to the unconscious ocean.... a vast storehouse of every experience we have had, every image we have seen, every belief we have formed thus far. The reasons for our good and bad habits, the source of our security and insecurity, the explanations for our attractions and repulsions... this information is tucked within us in a remote location, waiting to be uncovered.

I like to use art to shake the blanket of the unconscious mind to explore what is floating around in this intriguing repository. Hopefully, the knowledge acquired through interacting with my creations adds to the collection of experiences that shed light on our inner operations.

Interactivity in the art world reminds us that we are not just passive observers watching life happen outside of us. We are active participants creating our own unique experience. Some of us take more responsibility and display more courage than others in choosing our experience. Many of us let others do it for us, defer to habit or stay in our comfort zone.

Our present moment quickly becomes our past so our awareness of what is happening right now becomes our personal history. By aspiring to create art that brings our unconscious minds out to the surface, I hope to assist in the process of self-realization, therefore helping to enrich the experience of the present moment (or at least baffling the populace).

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