Date: November 12, 2010

Provocative Objects: the extradition was held on Friday, November 12, 2010 in MassArts Patricia Doran Gallery. Works from 30 international artists, including immersive sound installations, interactive sculpture, and live performance were featured. The designers and artists used performance and new media to transform ordinary objects and traditional artworks into experimental interfaces for communication and audience participation. The exhibition’s one-night run included a live performance by local rockers Stereo Soul Future, featuring current DMI student Christopher Field.

Provocative Objects: the extradition was co-curated by The Dynamic Media Institute’s very own David Tamés and lou suSi, Provocative Objects thusfar includes the eclectic works of Alison Kotin { DMI }, Courtney Lockemer { SIM }, Ellen Godena { Mobius }, Scott Murray { DMI and beyond }, Colin Owens { DMI and Shapemix }, Joshua Dolby { caughtYOUpicking | }, Phillippe Lejeune, David Tamés, lou suSi, Laugh Foundation and other artists, designers & performers. Featured musical act: Stereo Soul Future { including CK Field from DMI }.