Yael Alkalay, MFA ’13


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Name: Yael Alkalay

Graduation: 2013

Program: MFA

The “Insight” project is a world map presentation which is composed of people’s points of view from all around the world. Along with the user’s city information, the platform presents two photos by each user: 1. A picture of the view from his/her window (the exterior). 2. The view of the inside of the room (the interior). The two photos are a chance for a more personal, individual output of our world today. While in social networks the users are limited to their own friends’ data, here they have the chance to discover and explore different people, places and cultures. In this platform the boundaries of objective and subjective, personal and public are blurred by the users and their individuals insights. “Insight” celebrates culture diversity and the connection between people. From Hong-Kong to Barcelona, we get insights into the authentic lives of people around the world. This glance allows us to participate in the daily being of someone geographically and culturally distant. The goal of the project is to increase mutual understanding worldwide.

In addition to the virtual world, the project also exists in the physical world. The pictures from “Insight” are projected on building facades in different cities and countries. The projection takes place in the urban landscape, and it is accessible to the community. The images are projected from the inside of the building’s windows on to a screen located in the window and facing the street. From the street view, different windows contain different images from around the world. These continually change showing views from different cities. People in their own familiar urban environment are able to explore and discover different cities and individuals’ interiors. I hope that by a fun and engaging experience people will broaden their horizon to new perspective.

Keywords: communication, community, connection, culture, environment, environment. mapping, mapping, narrative