Selected Projects from the DMI Archives

Body in Motion: A Powerful Tool for Creative Learning and Social Interaction


In my thesis, I explore the power of body language and nonverbal communication with respect to social learning and interaction. I create physical and online spaces with the tools that encourage people to interact freely and spontaneously. An essential part of my thesis is to provide ways and means for people to be active, move their bodies to be more natural, and possibly, to have fun.  read more »

Shape Mix


ShapeMix is the project I created as a testbed for several theories of audiovisual exchange. I wanted to create a place where one or more audiovisual objects could live in one space and be manipulated.

At the heart of the project is the notion of a confined space that represents left and right/ pan and up and down volume. each of the shapes (circles in this case) represents a sound. Inversely, each sound represents a shape. The two are synonymous. Each of the circles can be manipulated with sonic and visual effects that give
audiovisual cues.  read more »

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