Selected Projects from the DMI Archives

Memex & Facebook: Similar tools. Similar goals. Divergent paths.


In comparing the features of Vannevar Bush’s mythical Memex and Mark Zuckerberg’s social network powerhouse Facebook, this paper highlights the similarities in each system’s lofty goals while pointing out differences in the paths taken to achieve them. Whereas both systems allow users to collect, consult, and share data, Bush’s focus is on introspection while Zuckerberg’s is on over sharing.  read more »

Smart Intermediaries


“When media progresses, at the same time, design progresses as well.” -Kenya Hara

Industrial design adapts to new technologies such as computers, GPS, and the Internet. These interactive media provides more open-ended opportunities for creative communication between users and products in a larger system with a number of different products.  read more »

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