Thesis Projects

Selected theses from the DMI Archive

Using Dynamic Media to Create and Augment the Experience of Narrative


“Narrative serves to inform, educate, and entertain. It provides meaning, background, and context, and it incites interest in what is next.”  read more »

Visual Elements of Motion Capture


We rely on our senses to gather data on the external environment
around us. Our nervous system continually processes this data to create a perceptual "picture" of the world outside ourselves. In the course of our tool making evolution, we havedeveloped technologies that not only extend our physical abilities but also extend the range of our natural senses. Through the microscope we see an infinitely small world. Watching the television we see live pictures of any corner of the globe.  read more »

Visualizing Visuality / Interactive Tools for Visual Literacy


To become literate and articulate in the domain of images, to be competent in understanding the nature and structure of visual messages, is to be keenly aware of one’s vision. It also means mastering a common set of terms attached to what one sees and creates. Attaining this comprehensive understanding of visual form is the task of a design student.  read more »

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