Review Boards

Review boards are an integral part of the DMI experience. You present your work at the middle and end of each semester to your peers, advisors, critics, and alumni. A perfect opportunity for reflection, reviews demand that you synthesize your research and work into a clear statement of progress. In return, you receive invaluable feedback from the greater DMI community.

Student Perspectives

Daniel Buckley (MFA 2012)

Quite simply, the reviews are the reason I am a student at DMI. Pre-application process, I was able to visit a review, enlightening me to the vast array of unique sensibilities and methods that are available at the Dynamic Media Institute. As a participant, I cherish the opportunity to share my work and receive valuable feedback from the faculty, visiting critics, fellow students, and passionate members from the MassArt community. In my own presentations I have related the DMI reviews to the traditional practice of the hip-hop cypher, in which participants gather in a circle to free-style battle, and share their new stylistic and metaphorical prose — it is this collaborative, passionate, but critical analysis of our craft that makes our reviews a valuable experience.”

Jeffrey Bartell (MFA 2013)

The Dynamic Media Institute reviews provide a welcome venue for students like myself to present work to the supportive community of peers, faculty, and outside professionals that make up the program's family. The real strength of these group critique sessions is that in preparation for discussing my process and introducing my viewpoints, I am urged to bring a greater clarity to my thoughts in order better present them to the audience. Though the feedback of the faculty review board and fellow students is crucial, it is the vivid understanding of my own thoughts in preparation of these events that I trust has the most value for my personal growth as a student.

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