Fall Installation

Alkalay, Yael
Completion Date: 
Fall installation12-thumb.jpg

The installation was inspired by my first experience of the beautiful, Bostonian fall. Driven by this experience, I have created the "Fall" installation in the Doran Gallery, MassArt, Boston.The "Fall" installation is composed of real leaves placed in a circle on the floor of the gallery. The leaves are shaped as a perfect circle, made out of two hues of leaves. At the middle of the circle, there are red leaves which are surrounded by yellow and brown leaves. The viewer can view, smell and touch the leaves. The installation can be viewed from the inside as well from the outside of the gallery - from the street. Due to the natural process of decomposition the "Fall" installation is dynamic and constantly changing. As time goes by, the leaves rot. The natural process affects the perfect circle's shape, the smell and the density of air in the gallery.

My wish was to capture a passing moment in time and place. The installation expresses the dynamic boundaries of our world - seasons, places, and environments. This project questions the dynamic relationships between the outside and the inside, the natural and the artificial. I desired to capture an authentic human encounter with nature and to reconstruct it in a controlled environment.

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