Colin Owens

Visiting Professor of Design, Dynamic Media Institute

Colin Owens is the founder and mastermind behind ShapeMix, a patent-pending music mixing application that puts the technical capabilities of a music studio into an intuitive mobile application. Owned by Legion Enterprises and set to launch in Fall 2010 as an iPad app, ShapeMix democratizes the music mixing creative process by enabling aspiring DJs, musicians, and fans alike to remix, create and share original and remixed works with friends.

Owens’ more than 15 years of experience as a designer, software programmer, hardware hacker, sound designer, musician, entrepreneur and educator led to the development of ShapeMix.

An adjunct professor for undergraduate graphic design at RISD and visiting professor at Massachusetts College of Art Dynamic Media Institute Graduate program, Owens has created ground-breaking curriculum that brings sound to visual artists and designers. By researching light and sound in audio-based software tools and how one sense can affect the other sense's perception, Owens developed the idea for ShapeMix. Using a self-made, touch-screen device, years before the availability of the iPad, he was able to create and test the App prototype.

His software and design experience working for the European Commission as Communications Specialist for the European Training Foundation in 2003 and serving as brand manager for Orange Labs, the research arm of international mobile phone operator also contributed to his deep knowledge and creative genius.

However, Owens passion for music and extensive musical background has had the greatest impact on the development of ShapeMix. Growing up in a musical family, he began creating music and playing a variety of instruments at the age of 5. Throughout his musical career, Owens has owned several old-school recording consoles including an MCI and a Neotek, his first synthesizer was a Casio CZ-101 and first drum machine was a TR-707. Additionally, he was the frontman for techno-rave act "Blind" in the early 90s which charted at 33 on AP magazine's club dance list.

In addition to his work with ShapeMix, Owens currently owns and maintains About face Audio, a music studio and independent sound track publishing company in Boston.

Owens has worked and lived in Italy, London, and New York. He currently resides in Boston with his fiancé where he continues to teach and create inspiring music.

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