Tuition, Assistantships, and Financial Aid


Graduate students pay on per-credit basis. Tuition fee per credit varies with program but does not vary based on residency or international status of the student. Graduate tuition rates increase approximately 3-5% per year. The anticipated program cost is an estimated figure based on the current and projected cost.

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Health Insurance

Every student enrolled in 9 credits or more MUST either enroll in MassArt's health insurance plan or submit an insurance waiver. Fall charge is for the full academic year. The MassArt insurance cost for 2010-2011 was $1,067. The cost of insurance cost may increase slightly for the next year.

Off-campus Living Expenses

The College Board estimates a moderate 9-month budget for Boston at $19,910 and $26,547 for 12-months. The Graduate Program has not estimated expenses for supplies as this varies widely depending upon the department.


The college awards three different types of assistantships to graduate students: technical, administrative and teaching. All assistantships are assigned as either quarter, half, or full assistantships; the award amount is based on the number of hours worked per week. All assistantships are determined by student need and ability, departmental needs, and budgetary allotments. Although most graduate students receive at least one assistantship for which they are qualified, there is no guarantee that a student will be awarded an assistantship.

Financial Aid

MassArt offers financial assistance to all admitted students who qualify; about 72% of MassArt's graduate students receive some form of assistance, through merit and need based awards, part-time employment, and low-interest loans. MassArt’s Graduate Programs and Financial Aid departments work individually with each accepted student to develop a comprehensive financial aid package.

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