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Selected theses from the DMI Archive

Dynamic Systems of Engagement


We now have the tools and technology to create just about any interactive system imaginable. But how can we ensure that our designs are engaging? Dynamic Systems of Engagement illuminates how dynamic, interactive, computationally based systems offer new opportunities for engagement with participants and third-party observers. Through numerous case studies, I explore three core themes: data visualization, dynamic systems, and engagement.  read more »

Experience Design: A Holistic Approach


My philosophical and visual research is based on a holistic approach towards new Media. Holistic thinking means to consider parts which interact and create a whole. Holistic thinking in regards to communication also means to consider man and his senses. Our senses define the edge of consciousness. The senses feed shards of information to the brain like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. As J.Z. Young describes: "it may be a great part of the secret of the brain's powers is the enormous opportunity provided for interaction between the effects of stimulating each part of the receiving fields. It is this provision of interacting-places or mixing-places that allows us to react to the world as a whole to much greater degree than others animals can do”.  read more »

forWordPlay: Experiential Learning of a Foreign Language via Interactive Play


My thesis research investigates how play can influence learning a foreign language and how the interactive medium can serve as a bridge between the actions of learning and playing.  read more »

Graphing Application for Molecular Biology


In November 2002 i spent a day in one of the molecular biology labs at the Boston University observing researchers working at their computers. I was surprised to see that the programs they were using to present their findings were standard graphic design applications: Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXpress. They explained that just about every published piece of scientific findings involved the creation of graphs using these design tools. No graphics software tailored to their specific needs — focusing on data instead of on visual formatting — existed.  read more »

Interactive Media and the Poetic: An Exploration into the Elements of Interactive Media


This thesis investigates interactive media's capacity to communicate the poetic. "Poetic" meaning the ability of language to communicate abstract and conceptual messages, as opposed to informational language that focuses on objects and their relationships to physical space.  read more »

Intimacy in Digital Communication


Leaving my home, my country, a comfortable womb, I start a new communication journey. I’m the person who loves to express myself well. I love to build up relationships with people by talking to them. Having intimate relationships with good friends makes me feel comfortable and happy. As a foreign student in United States, communicating in second language and keeping in touch with friends in Taiwan brought challenges to me in building up and maintaining relationships.  read more »

Making a Human Mark: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and New Media


My interest in the field of new media, and the subject of my thesis
investigation, is to attempt to synthesize tactile, material objects and electronic technology into discrete new media objects using sound, light, video, and the human form as mediating tools.  read more »

Mapping Science: Overlapping Science and Design


Mapping Science documents the different steps in the elaboration of prototypes of interactive visualization tools for scientific data manipulation. The thesis focuses in the interaction between scientists and their data, and in the application of design principles to achieve better results when scientists organize, structure, input, store, and visualize scientific data.  read more »

Mobile Learning Inside a Museum


This thesis explores how handheld mobile devices expand and augment the informal learning opportunities present inside museum spaces. By using constructivist-learning pedagogy as the guiding principle for fostering high level thinking dispositions, my work brings together characteristics of museum environments, wireless technology and learning theory to create user centered learning tools, which are participatory, experiential and interactive.  read more »

Natural Metaphors for Information Visualizations


My thesis research investigates how one can use metaphors of natural form and behavior for information to support a better understanding of data systems.  read more »

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