Using Dynamic Media to Create and Augment the Experience of Narrative

Bae, Jae Chul
Completion Date: 

“Narrative serves to inform, educate, and entertain. It provides meaning, background, and context, and it incites interest in what is next.”

1 Narrative is everywhere. We talk, read, watch and imagine stories each and every day. One day, as I entered the lobby of MassArt, I saw several yellow colored post–it notes hanging from the windows. As I looked closer, I realized that each of these notes had a personal story written on them. It was touching to see such a massive collection of personal stories in a single place, and even more engaging to read them. Whether the story is an important secret, or someone’s mundane life story, each one tells us how we all live.

Today’s media offers new and numerous ways for communicating such narratives. I am interested in the use of dynamic media and interfaces for the purpose of transforming an audience’s experience of a story, an experience that augments it’s author’s original intent.

This thesis explores that interest through the means of three case studies where “narrative” is used as a device to create interactive and engaging experiences for its participants. My case studies take the following forms:

1. A Learning Tool that Maps Narrative: Twelve Monkeys + La Jetée
Tool for two linear movies that focuses upon breaking apart, reordering, restructuring, filtering, grouping and re-combining stories. These tools will allow users to gain new perspectives on the original narratives, and experience them a new, meaningful, and holistic ways.

2. Experiments Using a Physical Interface: On a Journey
On a Journey is an interactive book and storytelling project, the goal is to tell my personal story–five specific themes with the use of the gesture interface that provide the viewer with a unique perspective of the narrative from each page in the book.

3. Experience through personal expression: Disclosure
This project is conceived as a gallery installation intended to provide a poetic experience to share participants private stories or secret to a system that resides inside of the booth.

The results of these three case studies show how a participant can gain an entirely new, and perhaps unique individual perspective far beyond what I originally conceived for them through experience and interaction.

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