Through Hand, Through Mind: Multi-sensory Approaches to Form, Interaction, and Language Through Objects and Dynamic Media

Nazemi, Kate
Completion Date: 

In order for design to communicate, it must relate content through the senses. By interacting with design — being able to handle, hear, see and change it — we arrive at our own understanding of it. In this way design leads to a form of knowledge that is affective, immediate, and visceral.

The focus of this thesis is on developing communication through the hand, the senses, and through the mind, simultaneously through sight, sound, touch and motion. This is made possible through the unique qualities found in objects and dynamic media.

An objects ability to communicate openly through synthesized communication channels is explored through structured interactive environments where physical responses are explored. The case studies put forth in this thesis explore this through the investigation of the concepts of form, interaction, and language.

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