Body in Motion: A Powerful Tool for Creative Learning and Social Interaction

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In my thesis, I explore the power of body language and nonverbal communication with respect to social learning and interaction. I create physical and online spaces with the tools that encourage people to interact freely and spontaneously. An essential part of my thesis is to provide ways and means for people to be active, move their bodies to be more natural, and possibly, to have fun.

According to educational researchers, we now live in a "Creative Society" in which people must develop and enhance their abilities to interact meaningfully with one another. People also need to acquire skills for using the tools offered by new media. Online exchange and collaboration allow people with multicultural backgrounds to exchange ideas and negotiate meanings. The social games I designed, such as Tell Me Your Secret and Jumping Squares, foster physical playfulness and social interaction, whereas Cinemagic and Motionary encourage creative learning and online collaboration. The learning experiences I design involve activities, concepts, playfulness, improvisation and cultural exchange.

In my work, I facilitate opportunities for people to negotiate spaces and meanings while finding new forms of expression. I design experiences where people can switch roles and either they remain in the audience as a passive observer or join the game as both active participant and teacher. Giving people the opportunity to challenge each other by negotiating the rules, meanings, and the interpretation of certain words result in dynamic communication.

Explore the power of body language and nonverbal communication in social learning and interaction

Encourage people to be active (move their body), hence to be more "natural" and possibly have fun

Create physical or online spaces/tools that foster social interaction, communication, learning and creative collaboration

Design spaces where one can switch roles between being in the audience (student) as well as being an active participant (teacher)

Open the possibility for new meanings and forms of expression

Give people the possibility to challenge each other and to negotiate within the group the rules/meanings/interpretations

Bring people together from various cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas

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