Animation, Motion and Education

Completion Date: 

This thesis is an exploration of human motion, education and ani-
mation, their relation to new media and each other, culminating in the creation of an animated, movement-driven, educational exhibit for the Franklin Park Zoo.

Animation, human motion and education intersect in many ways. Human motion can be better understood by rendering it through the medium of animation or analyzing it with new media applications. New media systems can be made that give the user an experience of motion. Animation can facilitate education with its flexibility and simplicity.

My interest is in making the user's movement integral to an animated, interactive, new media, learning experience. There are many benefits. Moving enhances our physical health. It also enhances our learning. Studies show that when we move, we improve circulation to our brains and we become better learners. In moving, we tap into our physical memory, which helps us with recollection and retention. When movement is part of a game, it fosters a social atmosphere. Incorporating animation to this movement/learning experience adds joy as well as clarity.

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