Proximity Lab Fund

Distinguished DMI alumnus Evan Karatzas (MFA 2005) established the Proximity Lab Fund in 2010 to help DMI students realize innovative and ambitious dynamic media projects that would be difficult to achieve without financial support.

Grants totaling $6,000 are awarded each academic year – $3,000 in the fall and spring semesters. Awards are distributed to one or more students each semester with variable award amounts determined by an advisory panel consisting of full-time DMI faculty chaired by Jan Kubasiewicz. The award is available to second and third year DMI students with approved thesis proposals. Eligible students may apply for funding any semester even if a grant was awarded previously.

The fund is named after Evan's own 2005 MFA thesis project: Proximity Lab: Studies in Physical-Computational Interface and Self-directed User Experience

Evan is a founding member of the DMI Advisory Council, an adjunct faculty member, and frequent thesis advisor. He is the founder of the award winning experience design firm, Proximity Lab.

Click here for a profile of Evan Karatzas

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