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Selected Projects from the DMI Archive

Uninformed Opinions [1] & Other Observations on "New Media" Innovations/Inventors


Throughout the lurid and sundry course of human technological history, mankind has continuously and relentlessly sought ways of improving the human condition. Whether it be figuring out how to fashion a round stone to construct a wheelbarrow to make the carrying of, well, things easier or unlocking the power of the atom to achieve cataclysmic energy sources because we can, the human race does not rest.  read more »

Untitled (Rope)


An exploration of a piece of rope as an object and a material.

Each student was given a piece of rope, approximately four feet long. The assignment was to interact with the rope for fifteen minutes, every day, for fourteen days, and to document the interactions. The type of interaction was left up to the student, as was the medium of documentation.  read more »

Untitled 1


Untitled 1 was created in my second semester at MassArt for the Design as Experience class where I was given the task of creating an experience. I chose to shoot in black and white, a thirty-second film that showed a close-up of me shaving.  read more »

Using Dynamic Media to Create and Augment the Experience of Narrative


“Narrative serves to inform, educate, and entertain. It provides meaning, background, and context, and it incites interest in what is next.”  read more »

Visual Elements of Motion Capture


We rely on our senses to gather data on the external environment
around us. Our nervous system continually processes this data to create a perceptual "picture" of the world outside ourselves. In the course of our tool making evolution, we havedeveloped technologies that not only extend our physical abilities but also extend the range of our natural senses. Through the microscope we see an infinitely small world. Watching the television we see live pictures of any corner of the globe.  read more »

Visualizing Visuality / Interactive Tools for Visual Literacy


To become literate and articulate in the domain of images, to be competent in understanding the nature and structure of visual messages, is to be keenly aware of one’s vision. It also means mastering a common set of terms attached to what one sees and creates. Attaining this comprehensive understanding of visual form is the task of a design student.  read more »

Whisker Organ


Untitled Document

Abstract:  read more »

You Are Here


The Design Studio I assignment asked first-year students to explore place, space, and time through the language of mapping and information architecture. My final work for “You Are Here” is a playful interface for users that combines the visual language and rules of play of Tetris with a collage of sounds gathered from my daily commute.  read more »

You are here. You will be there.


The first project assigned to us as incoming 1st year MFA design students at Mass Art was to create an interactive experience that addressed the meaning of "you are here." It was an open-ended assignment intended to reveal our potential thesis interests. The goal for my project was to give users a unique interactive experience based on the process of running a marathon by considering the many meanings of the phrase "you are here."  read more »

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