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Selected Projects from the DMI Archive

"The Vicious GPS"

The vicious GPS_02-thumb.jpg

The "vicious GPS" is a navigation app which guides the user to go around in circles, in a loop – where "The End is Where We Start From". This GPS is "infallible" device that always fails. It is misleading, deceptive, evil, and personal. During the journey the application reveals its evilness and persona. The user gives himself mentally and physically to the machine while it fails to deliver its innate purpose.  read more »

9 Notes: An Experiment in Narrative + Interface


The visual metaphor is a basic principle of effective interface design. Meaning, in a GUI, arises from the representation of a real world concept in a digital world. Familiar objects mimic their real-world analogues, yet often extend their purpose with “unreal” capabilities. This is true of the desktop GUI. Its world of folders, briefcases, address books, trashcans, and other office implements is not quite the same as its real-life version. At the same time, it is so commonplace that we barely notice it.  read more »

A Learner-Centered Approach to Teaching Programming


Learning to program is difficult, and of particular challenge to an audience of artists, designers and educators. These learners may have a limited background in mathematics and programming logic and also vastly different motivations from a student majoring in computer science. Yet the pedagogy we use to teach them programming is the same as for everyone.  read more »

A Sense of Place


As time has gone by and people have asked me what it’s about — I’ve been able to boil it down to one sentence: My thesis is about creating a sense of place through photography and sound.  read more »

Ancient Divination Parallels New Media: Cartomancy in an Interactive Context


For centuries, the tarot has been an interactive narrative system employing such new media principles as nonlinearity, randomness, modularity, and algorithm.  read more »

Animal Studies 1.0


The short, animated film, Animal Studies 1.0, evolved from a
rotoscoping exercise.  read more »

Animation, Motion and Education


This thesis is an exploration of human motion, education and ani-
mation, their relation to new media and each other, culminating in the creation of an animated, movement-driven, educational exhibit for the Franklin Park Zoo.  read more »



Anymails is a visualization of my received emails. I have investigated how I can use natural metaphors to visualize my inbox, its structure and attributes. The metaphor of microbes is used. My objective is to offer the user another experience of his email world.  read more »

Art Archive: An Interactive Art Exhibit


The Art Archive is an interactive exhibit of European modernist painting from 1910 to 1930, specifically tracing the development of expressionism, abstractionism, realism, and fantasy. It offers information about art historical movements as well as broader cultural and historical trends. The interface and information design were conceived to make viewers aware of the geographic and cultural context which framed and grounded each work exhibited. By visually incorporating multiple levels within a single screen, the project employed layering to compact the information.  read more »

Auto-Tune: Altering The Musical Landscape


Jeff Bartell and Zach Kaiser collaborated on this project.

The goal of our project was to research the musical and cultural implications of the recording software plug-in, Auto-Tune; a relatively new tool has taken the musical world by storm over the past 12 years. Our research highlights, and seeks to present the qualitatively new phenomena that have been created by its ubiquitous use in music and Internet culture.  read more »

Bathroom Writing Database


Bathroom Writing, an interactive anthology of inscriptions found in restrooms, is a virtual bathroom wall where visitors search posts through various filtering systems. Each post on the wall is cataloged through a variety of keywords, such as sex, writing implement, color, and theme. Information is then hidden and revealed based on decisions made by the visitor.  read more »

Body in Motion: A Powerful Tool for Creative Learning and Social Interaction


In my thesis, I explore the power of body language and nonverbal communication with respect to social learning and interaction. I create physical and online spaces with the tools that encourage people to interact freely and spontaneously. An essential part of my thesis is to provide ways and means for people to be active, move their bodies to be more natural, and possibly, to have fun.  read more »

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