Vote for DMI sessions at SXSW EDU!

Many in the DMI community have submitted panel proposals for SXSW Edu this year, and we need your help to get there! The programming for SXSW Edu, a smaller conference which takes place before the full SXSW festival, is selected via a voting process. Please vote for one or all of the proposed sessions below! Registering to vote is quick, simple and free.

Design As Research As Design
Brian Lucid and Jan Kubasiewicz


Teaching Typography through Sound
Stephanie Dudzic

Making Music with Letterforms
Stephanie Dudzic

Panopticon to Pinterest: A History of Surveillance
Ceren Paydas


The Tyranny of Edward Tufte
Gabriel Schaffzin

The Designer’s Confrontational Imperative
Zachary Kaiser and Gabriel Schaffzin

Richard Saul Sinbad: Stand-up as Design Research
Daniel Buckley and Jenny Zigrino

Acting Like A Designer
John Howrey and Ginger Morris

Was Jay-Z Wrong? Autotune is the bomb
Jeff Bartell

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