Message from the Program Coordinator

Since the inception of the Basic Course at the Bauhaus, design education has been profoundly influenced by the concept of ‘visual language,’ which applies the metaphor of linguistic structure to teaching the fundamentals of visual form and expression.

At the Dynamic Media Institute the concept of a ‘language,’ understood as a system of elements combined according to the rules of grammar for the purpose of communication, provides both a method for studio experimentation and a viable platform for theoretical discussion. The challenge of dynamic media is to synthesize multiple ‘dialects’ and ‘codes’ that have traditionally been segregated into distinct disciplines. It demands a synthesis of multiple points of view on communication.

Dynamic media designers see the world as an information structure that communicates continuously and persistently. Any human experience involves dynamic information flow, therefore communication process, therefore learning. Communication and learning are as inseparable from human experience, as from time and motion. The role of dynamic media designers is helping individuals to participate in the complexity of information—in learning, understanding and making informed decisions as well as articulating thoughts, creating, and telling stories.

Jan Kubasiewicz
Coordinator of the DMI Program
Professor of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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