DMI Advisory Council

The DMI Advisory Council was founded in 2011. With gratitude, we welcome these gifted individuals who provide strategic insight, strengthen outreach to global creative communities, and help advance the goals and stature of the Dynamic Media Institute.

DMI Alumni Council, Founding Members (2011)

Toby Bottorf

designer, Principal of Digital Design at Continuum

Wally Gilbert

scientist, entrepreneur, artist, Nobel-prize laureate

Evan Karatzas

designer, entrepreneur, Proximity Lab founder (DMI 2005)

Chris Pullman

designer, educator, former Vice-President of WGBH

Mitchel Resnick

educator, head of Lifelong Kindergarten, MIT Media Lab professor, author

Heather Shaw

designer, educator, Vice-president of AIGA, Boston Chapter (DMI 2003)

Krzysztof Wodiczko

artist, designer, Harvard professor

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