DMI Courses and Electives

The DMI curriculum is built on a foundation of studio and seminar courses. In addition, students are free to select from a wide variety of elective courses at MassArt or any of the Colleges of the Fenway. DMI students also enjoy access to select courses at MIT's Media Lab. Required courses are indicated below.

DMI Course Descriptions

Design as Experience I

A multi-dimensional and multi-sensory research based course, focused on creative processes, that integrate form and content generated within and outside of the class experience. Students will re-examine and explore various temporal, spatial, visual and verbal aspects of communication process. Work will consist of both static and dynamic media presentations and individual and group projects. (3 credits)

Design for Motion and Sound

Exploration of motion literacy — the act of understanding of how the language of moving image and sound can be used to communicate effectively. The course will focus on cinematic vocabulary in the context of time-media by creating linear and non-linear narrative structures. (3 credits)

Design Seminar I

Required | Students examine the historical, socioeconomic, and technological context of dynamic media design disciplines through readings, discussions, and a major research project. (3 credits)

Design Seminar II

Required | Students examine, explore and debate current issues of communication design and design education. The seminar content may include lectures, studio projects, readings and discussions with emphasis upon the intellectual context of design. The requirements of the course include a comprehensive paper and a preliminary thesis proposal presented to review board for approval. (3 credits)

Design Studio I

Required | Advanced program of study and research in communication design focuses on fundamental principles of visual communication in the context of interactive media. (6 credits)

Design Studio II

Required | Advanced program of study and research in communication design focuses on complex information structures for various contexts and audiences. Subjects of study emphasize interactive media in the context of information design. (6 credits)

Directed Study in Design

Directed Study in Design offers students the opportunity to pursue a specific studio or seminar project by working with a faculty member on an independent basis. Students must provide a description of the project, and schedule of at least six meetings with the faculty during the semester. The project must be approved by the faculty directing the study and the coordinator of the program. Students may take only one 3-credit directed study per semester. (3 credits)

Elements of Media

This course is focused on developing a better understanding of the complexities of the re-synthesis of visual, oral, aural, and temporal information as they exist in time-based and interactive media. Through lecture and in-class demonstration students will learn the technological processes necessary to begin temporal explorations in sound and image. (3 credits)

Interactive Media Project I

The goal of this class is to explore various dimensions and possibilities of dynamic digital media in the context of user experience and human-computer interaction. Students will research and develop a project which involves advanced programming for interactive media and various aspects of sound, sensors and robotics. (3 credits)

Interactive Media Project II

This course is a continuation of interactive media project I. The goal is to explore further various conceptual and technological factors that influence current theory and practice of interactive media. Students will research and developed alternative models of user interface and interaction within three-dimensional environment. (3 credits)

Review Board

Required | Public presentation of graduate credit work by each student in the program - full or part-time. The work is evaluated by a panel of reviewers comprising MassArt faculty, guest critics, and moderated by the coordinator of the program. (0 credits)

Thesis Defense

Required | Public presentation of thesis project and document evaluated by a panel of reviewers comprising MassArt faculty, guest critics, and moderated by the coordinator of the program. (0 credits)

Thesis Exploration

This course goal is to allow students entering into, or currently engaged in, thesis research to develop a more focused vision of their thesis topic, a better understanding of the contextual landscape of their study, and an awareness of the relevant technologies that apply to their area of investigation. (3 credits)

Thesis Project I / Thesis Project II

Required | The Thesis Project I and II courses provide a supportive context for the development of the project component of the thesis. The class is limited to 5 students, is a forum to articulate and debate the issues associated with individual thesis projects. The work in class is structured by a specific agreement between the student and faculty advisor, who guides the program of study, and provides ongoing feedback and evaluation. The student select a particular course/faculty upon approval of the preliminary thesis proposals.  read more »

Thesis Seminar I / Thesis Seminar II

Required | Thesis Seminar I and II is designed to help students prepare and package their thesis work for final presentation. Students are expected to think deeply, write extensively, and speak articulately about their work. Students explore traditional and non-traditional forms of thesis documents while investigating ways to synthesize their visual and written work into unique personal statement. The final thesis document becomes a part of the graduate design archives. (3 credits each semester)  read more »

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