Novitska, Karolina

Year of Graduation: 

Originally from Ukraine, my family and I came to Boston in 1996. After finishing high school, I enrolled in a small liberal arts school - Emmanuel College, majoring in graphic design and information technology. During my sophomore year, I was given a wonderful opportunity to work as a visual designer at ReadyAbout Interactive. I stayed with the company for 3 more years until my graduation from Emmanuel in 2002. My desire to venture out of the area led me to San Francisco's Academy of Art College where I spent one semester in the Graphic Design MFA program later transferring to Mass Art. During this time, I worked on various freelance projects, mostly in interactive design. Currently I am in my second semester of the graduate design program at Mass Art and working as an art director for Searchease Corporation and Inteset. LLC, designing corporate websites as well as interfaces for home theater systems.

I am currently in my experimental stage, discovering the vast range of possibilities in which my work can eventually take shape. For now, I am particularly interested in various psychological mysteries, which evolve when relationships between humans and interactive work are born. I am also interested in discovering new opportunities for language learning using new media as a powerful and engaging educational tool.

Projects by Novitska, Karolina
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